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Mission Trip - China

(623) 376-2444

Beijing, China

Date / Time

This registration process will take about 10-20 minutes to fill out. Please allow enough time to complete the whole process which will include requiring current passport information and medical insurance information.

A $200 deposit non-refundable per person is required with this registration.

**Please be advised: It is CCV policy that a Volunteer application and Background Screening must be passed by every participant on this trip. If you have any reason to believe you may not pass, please hold off on registering and placing your non-refundable deposit.

Terms and Conditions: By registering for this trip and paying the non-refundable deposit at this time, you are also committed to joining the team, attending the required team meetings, and paying the remainder of the cost of the trip before the trip's departure date. Failure to comply with these terms, completing the volunteer application process or attending the trainings gives CCV the freedom to ask you to not participate in the trip. The trip leader reserves the right to ask any participant to not participate if they feel the integrity of the trip is in jeopardy. If the trip participant backs out of the trip after airline tickets have been purchased in their name, they will still owe CCV for the cost of that ticket. If a participant is asked to end their trip early, they will travel home at their own cost.

Registration closed on Saturday, September 30, 2017

Mission Trip - China

CCV will be sending a small team of business and church leaders, both men and women, to present leadership and family principles alongside our partners at Global Partners in Hope.

What is the cost? $2,500

     Includes: Airfare, Visa fee, Luggage fees, Hotel, and Transportation, Health Insurance, Meals in country                                 
     Not included in the trip fee that you will need to pay on your own: Passport and Meals on Travel Days

TEAM MEETINGS: The team will be required to meet for minimum three team meetings for training- August 4, August 18, and September 1. Team may meet for one or two additional meetings for more specific trip planning.

More Trip Details: China FAQ.pdf


We absolutely encourage fundraising. Very few people pay for the trip on their own. Number 1 way is to share this opportunity with your friends and family and ask them to participate with you by helping you get there!
Fundraising Guide that can give you ideas and get you started. 2018FundraisingGuide.pdf
Support Covenant form available to send family and friends: Support Covenant Form - Updated 11.2018.pdf
How to make payments and receive donations from donors: How to Donations and Payments w FAQ 2018.pdf