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Mission Stories

Colombia Church Plant updates

The Church is growing in Colombia!

Construction updates on 8 church plants...how they are reaching their communities...the value of the child sponsorship program at their church and school.  All updates for CCV's church plants are at ccv.church/colombia.  Visit often! 

First team visits Sponsored Children in Colombia

The first CCV team to head to Colombia had an incredible time with the church plant community and children they sponsor.

Thank you to the 26 child sponsors who traveled to Colombia in April to visit the church plant community that CCV Peoria campus helped plant and the sponsored kids!

One participant said, "Only 1% of all sponsors get to meet their sponsored children. It was an honor and privilege to do this. It was so very humbling for me. I was able to see people living in the poorest of circumstances and I was able to see hope, to see enormous love and to witness God working in ways I didn't know possible."

Continue to pray for the 8 church plants and over 10,000 children that CCV sponsors to make an impact in the country of Colombia. 

CCV Team makes an impact in New Zealand

If you do away with the yoke of oppression, with the pointing finger and malicious talk; and if you spend yourselves on behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, your light will rise in the darkness and your night will become like the noonday. Isaiah 58

CCV sent a mission trip team to New Zealand for the first time this year to partner with Addington Community - a community development initiative to serve the needs in the community.  They have a farm, a coffee shop, and housing for those who need it.  

"On behalf of our Addington community, we would like to say a massive thank you to your church! We are so incredibly blown away by your generosity and kindness.

We are so incredibly grateful to the wonderful team who came over. They poured so much time, effort and care into painting the urban farm's house. Despite our weather dumping rain and hail, they just bought some gumboots and rain jackets and kept on going. The house looks 200% better than when they began! It transforms the space so much. Beyond that, getting to know them and spending time together, we feel like we have a new bunch of friends from Phoenix. It was such an immense blessing having them here, and they are forever woven into the fabric of our urban farm and our community. Our homes are very much open to them anytime!

As well, thank you so much for the incredibly generous donation that your church has made. We were just so blown away with that. Your support will mean so much in being able to physically transform the space into something much more usable. Which we hope this will culminate in both flourishing vegetables and flourishing relationships.

Our hope is that this urban farm is a place in or community where people can feel a sense of belonging, experience some warm hospitality, learn some new skills, and be able to provide cost-effective veges for people. But more than that, we hope it's a place in which people encounter the love of Jesus. That this wee urban farm is a glimpse of the kingdom in this place.

That your church choose to support our wee urban farm with finances and the most dedicated people-power means so much. Our community is incredibly grateful and has been very blessed by the time your lovely people spent with us. I reckon God was very much on the move as we shared and learnt from each other. "

Youth Conference in Nepal

CCV, you helped fund a youth conference in Nepal.

Thank you, CCV!  Because of your continued generosity, our missions team is able to help fund things like a youth gathering in Nepal!  Around 150 youth gathered to worship, train, and hear solid Bible teaching.  The future of the Church in Nepal is BRIGHT.

Meet Henry from Colombia

Colombia child sponsorships are impacting more than the kids!

We got in a beautiful message from a gentleman in Colombia.  He works as a translator.  He has been receiving your communications and letters to the kids you sponsor in Colombia!

From Henry:

I tell you I am feeling very excited and very blessed because I have been working on letters sent by the new sponsors from CCV to their beneficiaries here in Colombia, for the last two weeks.

By doing so, I have come to realize that your church is abundantly blessed by the Lord because you are all hearing His voice and doing things according to His will, and this is awesome.

Just to let you know that I started watching CCV live services on the Internet last Sunday, and believe me, it has really impacted me.

May God bless you.

In Christ,

Henry, Gloria, Sarah, Sebastian Amado.

Keep it up, CCV!

There is a bus in Myanmar with a CCV sticker on it

There is a van in Myanmar with a CCV sticker on it.

CCV helped a church in Myanmar purchase a van so that they can transport university students to and from church on the weekends. CCV stickers can be found all over the world!

English Class for Refugees

Encouraging refugees as they learn English, such a practical way to engage in a huge issue.

Thanks to GoTEN ministries, CCV volunteers have the opportunity to share something basic, our language, with those who are new to our country and our city.

One volunteer said, "What a wonderful and inspiring day, I feel blessed to be a part of the journey. My eyes and heart were opened to the pain and struggles refugees have to find a place of safety."

Sitting next to a refugee and patting them on the back and saying, "Great job!" when they are able to make progress in their English skills is hugely rewarding.  We have an opportunity to be a friend, a smiling face in the midst of so much transition and discomfort and disorientation. 

Come be a part of it!  You can head down for a One Day Mission trip to share time with some new international friends and learn a little bit about immigration, unreached people groups, and refugees.  

Rescued Not Arrested

These men and women have been Rescued, Not Arrested.

It is a gift to be able to accept God's grace and forgiveness after being convicted and sentenced for a crime. CCV is so proud to partner with Rescued Not Arrested prison ministry and their tireless focus on seeing men and women find Christ in their incarceration. These lives are CHANGED!

There is still great work to be done in the World. CCV is proud to have a partner that's getting it done!

CCV was honored to be able to send a small team of worship leaders to a gathering of international missionary workers. They gathered for prayer and worship and a time of refreshing.  Our worship guys said it was powerful to hear their stories. One young gentleman who serves in SE Asia said it was powerful to be free and open to worship God with other believers.  In his hometown where he does ministry, the small group that gathers in his home can't even sing out loud for fear of persecution.  What a joy and privilege public worship is. Thank you for serving, CCV!

Leaders on Motorcycles

CCV helped support 400 Blacksheep Harley Davidsons for Christ leadership members receive training and encouragement.

Last week, Mesa hosted a conference for the Blacksheep Harley-Davidsons for Christ group.  Their annual International Leadership Summit brought in 400 chapter leaders from around the world to spend three days in worship, teaching, and training.  CCV staff members helped set up the event and led Worship.  This group exists to introduce Jesus Christ to the thousands of motorcycle riders in our nation and in our city.