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The air is thinner here!

CCV took a trip to Bulembu, Africa to work alongside Bulembu Ministries!


This past November CCV took a trip of 10 members to Bulembu, Swaziland, Africa to work alongside Bulembu Ministries. Swaziland is located in the southern part of Africa, landlocked within the country of South Africa. During that trip the team got to experience what Bulembu Ministries is doing in the country of Swaziland. The trip began with a lengthy flight to Johannesburg, South Africa followed by an amazing lush green drive into Swaziland. The land was nothing like any of us were expecting or imagined when we thought of Africa!

During the week we were able to participate in all of the sustainable projects that they are doing in their town; from producing honey, to bottling their own water. They truly have a sustainable mission to revitalize this once-dead town back to thriving businesses and education. The money they receive from the business enterprises goes towards the 350 children in the orphanage that are being raised by the town. The children come from Swaziland and are relocated to Bulembu because of a possibility of being vulnerable to homelessness or are already orphaned. Swaziland has an extremely high HIV rate.


We were able to see how the community works together for the good of those that call Bulembu home and for the children they are raising. The people in Bulembu are proud of what they are doing and feel a true ownership in their jobs or roles in the town. Jesus is truly the center of the town, the peace infiltrated the air. They told us there was a joke about the air being thinner between Bulembu and heaven, not only because of the peace of God but also due to the mountainous elevation!

We also had the opportunity to assist in painting a building in town that houses a Royal Ranger program, much similar to an American boy scout program. Once we finished the painting we got to celebrate the end of the year festivities with the children before they began their summer break. (They are in the southern hemisphere the seasons are reversed.)


Throughout the week we were able to participate in the lives of the children from playing sports to having dinner at their homes. The trip was quick but packed full of experiences that will never be forgotten. I would urge anyone to pray about the trip to Bulembu, it is truly a life changing experience and one of the most beautiful places on earth!

For more information about Bulembu Ministries check out the website at bulembu.org. CCV will be taking another team back in November of 2017 if you're interested!!