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Leadership Institute



The Leadership Institute's Residency Program trains high-capacity church leaders for longevity.

The focus is heavy on leadership training while also providing residents individualized training in a specific ministry area of their choosing. CCV’s Residency Program is hands-on and practical. It offers undergraduate and master’s degree tracks, as well as a professional option.

Residents come from various backgrounds, experiences, as well as a wide array of educational institutions. They all have one thing in common – these men and women are leaders called into vocational ministry.

The Residency Program has a competitive screening and interview process. Please be aware that we are seeking leaders called into ministry who desire high-level training, where EQ (emotional intelligence) is valued far more than IQ.


  1. 92% of your time will be spent working hands-on in your selected area of ministry where the practical applications will take place. You will be doing real projects in real ministries that impact the lives of real people.
  2. Customize your residency training to maximize your learning and vocational goals.
  3. Travel to the Holy Lands to study the Life of Christ.
  4. CCV’s partnerships with Christian universities allow qualified residents to complete their undergraduate degree, or earn a master’s degree, in conjunction with their residency training (Some Residents will be required to complete a few online classes prior to their August start date.)
  5. Train at the 2nd largest independent Christian church (8th largest church) in America.
  6. Learn from our multi-site model and range of campus sizes (18,000 – 1,200). Residents experience two CCV sites, split between two semesters.
  7. Enjoy weekly access to top leaders in the church. Upon successful completion and placement in ministry, CCV will be a constant resource you can tap into.
  8. Receive assistance in ministry placement upon successful completion of the Residency. (Alumni hire rates average 85% or higher in previous classes.)
  9. Each resident is professionally supported by 8 CCV staff. These layers of coaching and mentorship ensure success in all aspects of ministry and spiritual development.
  10. Make lifelong connections with current and past CCV Residents. Be part of a tightknit peer community.

If you have additional questions or would like more information please contact leadership@ccv.church

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